Voices from Oxford
Video: Ewha Lecture at Dunn School of Pathology

Prof William James, Professor of Virology, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford delivers a lecture at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology to students from Ewha Woman's University...

Video: Brexit and Science

Dr Paul Flather, Secretary General of the Europaeum delivers a lecture to students from Ewha Woman's University.

Video: SGC Lecture to Ewha Students

Dr Nicola Burgess-Brown, PI Biotechnology at the Structural Genomics Consortium, University of Oxford delivers a talk on careers and science.  She discusses the differences between careers in...

Video: Daegu Foreign Language High School Students - Tour of Oxford

Students from Daegu Foreign Language High School, Korea tour the University of Oxford.  They visit three colleges: Brasenose, Exeter and Balliol, and two students are given the opportunity to...

Video: Study At Dushu Lake

Students from Study @ Dushu Lake in Suzhou, China visit the University of Oxford as part of their educational trip to the UK.