Video: Physiology and the revolution in Evolutionary Biology

A major revolution is occurring in evolutionary biology.

People: Prof Dario DiFrancesco

Dario DiFrancesco has had a long and distinguished career in the physiological sciences, specialising in studying the natural pacemaker rhythm of the heart.

Video: Sung Hee Kim interviews Dario DiFrancesco

Director of Voices from Oxford, Dr Sung Hee Kim talks with Prof Dario DiFrancesco at the IUPS held in Birmingham in 2013.

Video: Dario DiFrancesco interviewed by Denis Noble

President of the the IUPS, Prof Denis Noble interviews Prof Dario DiFrancesco, University of Milan at the IUPS held in Birmingham in 2013.

Video: Pathological development of brain microvasculature

Prof Elisabetta Dejana, University of Milan delivers a keynote lecture at the International Union of Physiological Sciences held in Birmingham in July 2013 titled "Pathological development of...