People: Jeffrey Saucerman

Heart function and failure are controlled by complex signaling and transcriptional networks that are just beginning to be mapped out.

Video: Orchestration of signaling microdomains in heart by cytoskeleton and protein scaffolds

Dr Jeffrey Saucerman, University of Virginia delivers a lecture at the International Union of Physiological Sciences held in Birmingham in July 2013.

People: Teresa Valencak

Research Interests: Bio Energetics, Sustainable Energetics, Fatty Acid Compositions, and Determination of Fatty Acids Profile In Food Systems by Gas Chromatography (GC)

Video: Differential mobilization and use of fatty acids during fasting

Teresa Valencak from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria gives her talk during a symposium entitled Physiology of Fasting Starvation at IUPS held in Birmingham, UK in 2013.

Video: The modern synthesis: extension or replacement

Lecturer: Gerd Muller Institution: University of Vienna, Austria Talk: The modern synthesis: extension or replacement