Video: Orchestration of signaling microdomains in heart by cytoskeleton and protein scaffolds

Dr Jeffrey Saucerman, University of Virginia delivers a lecture at the International Union of Physiological Sciences held in Birmingham in July 2013.

People: Teresa Valencak

Research Interests: Bio Energetics, Sustainable Energetics, Fatty Acid Compositions, and Determination of Fatty Acids Profile In Food Systems by Gas Chromatography (GC)

Video: Differential mobilization and use of fatty acids during fasting

Teresa Valencak from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria gives her talk during a symposium entitled Physiology of Fasting Starvation at IUPS held in Birmingham, UK in 2013.

Video: The modern synthesis: extension or replacement

Lecturer: Gerd Muller Institution: University of Vienna, Austria Talk: The modern synthesis: extension or replacement

Video: Thermoregulatory adaptations to starvation and cold in birds

Esa Hohtola from the University of Oulu in Finland delivers this talk as part of the Physiology of Fasting and Starvation symposium at the IUPS held in Birmingham, UK, 2013.