People: Prof Stuart Phillips

The maintenance of a metabolically active skeletal muscle mass is to a great extent underappreciated, particularly where optimal health is concerned.

People: Prof Peter Hunter

Prof Hunter's research is focused on modelling many aspects of the human body using specially developed computational algorithms and an anatomically and biophysically based approach which...

Video: The Expansion of Physiology

The President's speech at the closing ceremony of the IUPS World Congress in 2013 highlights the expansion of the International Union of Physiological Sciences, and the return of physiology to...

Video: Multi-scale modelling of cardiac excitation-contraction coupling

Professor Nicolas Smith, Kings College London delivers a lecture at the International Union of Physiological Sciences held in Birmingham in July 2013.

People: Chae Young Cha

Chae Young Cha is a Professor of Physiology at Seoul National University, South Korea.