People: Shun Hioki

Shun Hioki studied law at Keio University in Japan before moving to Oxford to study for his Masters.  An expert violinist since the age of three, he founded Orchestra MOTIF, with the charitable...

Video: Orchestra MOTIF

University of Oxford Law Student and Founder of Orchestra MOTIF, Shun Hioki, talks with Voices from Oxford's Ian Hodgson.

News: Oxford Trobadors in Concert with Nadau and Peiraguda

The Oxford Trobadors joined with Nadau and Peiraguda, two of the most famous musical groups from the Occitan region, to perform together in a concert held in the Holywell Music Room on 20th...

People: Edward Howell

Edward Howell is a M.Phil candidate in International Relations at Balliol College, University of Oxford,  Prior to this he studied geography as an undergraduate at Brasenose College, where he was...

Video: Oxford Trobadors Concert

The Oxford Trobadors perform original pieces and songs inspired by the beautiful and haunting traditional medieval music of the Trobadors.