People: YS Chi

YS Chi is an international businessman and a leader in the media and technology industry, and currently serves Elsevier and Reed Elsevier in several different capacities.

Video: Dr Elize Richards on OSCE Teaching Day

Dr Elize Richards, Head of Clinical Training and Simulation, University of Oxford talks to Director of Voices from Oxford, Dr Sung Hee Kim.

Video: East meets West: Teaching in a Chinese University

Prof David O'Connor is Dean, Research and Graduate School at Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University in Suzhou, China.

People: Prof Paul Kim

Paul Kim is the Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University.  

Video: Online Access to Universities of the 21st Century: Stanford University's Initiatives

Prof Paul Kim is Assistant Dean & Chief Technology Officer at the Graduate School of Education Stanford University.  Here he talks to Prof Denis Noble from the University of Oxford.