Video: How Brexit threatens future research

Brexit in its many guises poses serious threats to UK research, collaborative projects,  and the standing of UK universities.

Video: Lord Patten on the current UK Brexit 'shambles'

The Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Lord Chris Patten gives his strong views on Brexit, and the current political impasse days after PM Theresa May's plan was overwhelmingly voted down in...

Video: Brexit

Glyn Ford, Director of Track2Asia speaks on the part he has played in Brexit along with his view of the situation and the impact it will cause.

Video: Journalism and Brexit

Martin Kettle, Journalist and Columnist at the Guardian talks with Prof Denis Noble from the University of Oxford.

Video: Europaeum Scholars Programme

Dr Andrew Graham, Executive Chair of the Europaeum discusses the organisation's new Scholars Programme with Prof William James, Professor of Virology at the University of Oxford.