Video: Are images of space realistic?

We can now see far into the deepest reaches of the universe using advanced technologies such as the Hubble Space Telescope.

Video: Big Draw Launch

The Big Draw is a month long event which encourages people to pick up a pencil, crayon or brush and get busy drawing.  The launch of the Big Draw 2015 was held on 19th September in the Weston...

Video: Drawing the Universe

Eminent University of Oxford mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose explains the importance of drawing to his work and thinking.

Video: Tuscan Landscapes

Paolo Gheri paints the landscapes of Tuscany using watercolours. His light, airy paintings were recently exhibited at St Anne's College, University of Oxford.

People: Paolo Gheri

Paolo Gheri was born in Florence in 1940. He now lives in a village in the Sienese countryside.