Voices from Oxford

Overviews of the staff, aims and approaches of Voices from Oxford.

Video: Suzhou Delegation Visits Oxford

Short video showcasing the visit from a Suzhou delegation to Oxford. The delegates were: - Feng Zhou, Deputy Director General, SIP Education Bureau

Video: Requiem from my Father

Prof Denis Noble, University of Oxford recounts the story of how his dinner suit was made.

Video: Study@DushuLake: Visit to Oxford

Allison Zhu, Leah He and Alice Chen from Suzhou in China visit Oxford.

Video: Prof Youmin Xi Visit to Oxford - Trailer

Short trailer of Prof Youmin Xi's visit to the University of Oxford in June 2015. Prof Xi is President of Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University in China.

Video: Oxford Christmas Market

The Oxford Christmas Market in full swing, showcasing the lovely atmosphere that surrounds the stalls and customers.