Voices from Oxford

Overviews of the staff, aims and approaches of Voices from Oxford.

Video: Voices from Oxford Introductory Message

Prof Denis Noble, University of Oxford, introduces the concept behind Voices from Oxford: to broadcast to the four corners of the world.

People: Dr Sung Hee Kim

Sung Hee Kim has built many bridges between East and West, experiencing first the culture shock and then the joy of interpreting one nation to another. Her many years work in the broadcast media...

People: Janine Freeston

Janine Freeston has had multifaceted roles from writer, designer, teacher, photographer and a researcher into the history of photography.  Having raised a family in SE Asia and the UK, she...

People: Dr Zhidao Xia

DPhil from Oxford University and medical degrees from China with 12 years experience in orthopaedics and traumatology.

People: Mr Ian Hodgson

Ian Hodgson received a degree in Geography from the University of Oxford, and has many years of experience working in the media, including East Asian TV.