Voices from Oxford

Overviews of the staff, aims and approaches of Voices from Oxford.

Video: George Bainbridge Exeter Boat Club

George Bainbridge, the Captain of Exeter College Men's First VIII , talks to Dr Sung Hee Kim from Voices from Oxford, University of Oxford, about his role in the college's first eight rowing boat...

News: Korean professor bridges SNU, Oxford students

JoongAng Daily ‘The documentary films render many different trajectories for global issues.’ - Kim Sung-hee

Video: Message to Balliol Alumni

Dr Andrew Graham, Master of Balliol College, University of Oxford delivers his end of term speech to Balliol Alumni.

Video: Snell Dinner at Balliol College

This colourful event is named after Sir John Snell, who in the 17th century left a bequest to send students from the University of Glasgow to the University of Oxford for postgraduate study.

News: Oxford Offers Documentaries to the World

Kim Sung-hee, left, director of the Voices from Oxford (VfO), and Denis Noble, the main presenter of the documentary program said in an interview with The Korea Times at Shilla Hotel in Seoul,...