The Internet, Media and Society

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Video: Christine Borgman on Data and Technology

Christine Borgman, Presidential Chair of Information Studies, UCLA talks to Director of Voices from Oxford, Dr Sung Hee Kim.

Video: Data in the Digital Domain

Prof Christine Borgman is the Presidential Chair of Information Studies at UCLA, and is interviewed by Prof William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.

Video: Online Access to Universities of the 21st Century: Stanford University's Initiatives

Prof Paul Kim is Assistant Dean & Chief Technology Officer at the Graduate School of Education Stanford University.  Here he talks to Prof Denis Noble from the University of Oxford.

Video: University Outreach

Director of Voices from Oxford Dr Sung Hee Kim interviews Prof William Dutton and Dr Rebecca Eynon from the Oxford Internet Institute about a competition entitled 'EngageU'.

Video: The Internet and Society

Frances Cairncross was previously on the staff of The Economist, most recently as management editor.