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People: Dr Jill Mikucki

The Mikucki lab studies the interactions between microbes and their environment and how the impact of microbial metabolism is detectable on an ecosystem scale.

People: Dr Bill Stone

Engineer and daredevil explorer Bill Stone is obsessed with discovery. After years of crawling through the deepest unexplored caves on the planet, he’s building robots to go where he can’t.

People: Dr Kris Zacny

Dr Kris Zacny is the Director of Exploration Technology at Honeybee Robotics, and focuses on autonomous terrestrial and extra-terrestrial drilling, excavation, and geotechnical systems, as well as...

People: Dr Leigh Fletcher

Dr Leigh Fletcher is a Royal Society Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, specialising in remote sensing of the climates and environmental conditions within giant planet systems, both in...