People and Planet

The interaction between us and our planet.

People: Michael Young

Michael Young is an award-winning project, program and portfolio manager and is also Managing Director of a consulting and education organisation in Australia.  Michael plays an active leadership...

Video: Sustainable Project Outcomes

Michael Young, Vice President of Research at Green Project Management delivers a lecture on Project Management and sustainable projects.

People: Dr Ferdinand Rauch

Dr Ferdinand Rauch is a Fellow and Tutor in Economics at Brasenose College, University of Oxford, as well as a University Lecturer in Economics.

Video: The Economic Geography of Cities

Dr Ferdinand Rauch, tutor in economics at Brasenose College, University of Oxford is interviewed by Prof Denis Noble, University of Oxford.

Video: Dreaming of a Post-Homophobic Future

Short video featuring human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell talking about LGBT rights and his dream of a post-homophobic future.