People and Planet

The interaction between us and our planet.

News: Professor Denis Noble - How Buddhist mindfulness meditation changed me

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

People: Dr Tim Weiskel

Tim Weiskel came up to Oxford nearly fifty years ago in 1969.  He first read Social Anthropology and then Modern History for two different degrees.  Ever since arriving in Oxford, the Dons,...

Video: Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet Is Not Possible

As an anthropologist who looks at the broad sweep of history, Tim has been struck by the enduring legacy that European colonialism has left as a mark upon the world since 1492.  The physical...

News: Can Humanity Survive the Anthropocene?

Dr Tim Weiskel (Balliol, Rhodes Scholar, 1969) writes for Voices from Oxford on his ideas and research regarding transition studies, and the pressing need for humanity to change its ‘business as...

Video: Advice to Young People: Environmental Sustainability

Tim Weiskel offers these few comments by way of general advice to young people.