The Human race.

Video: Are humans turning into 'social machines'?

Can groups of individuals combine their knowledge to create something greater than the sum of their parts? How do they do it and what processes are at work?

People: Dr Orestis Palermos

In 2002, I joined the National Technical University of Athens in order to study chemical engineering.

Video: Tuscan Landscapes

Paolo Gheri paints the landscapes of Tuscany using watercolours. His light, airy paintings were recently exhibited at St Anne's College, University of Oxford.

People: Paolo Gheri

Paolo Gheri was born in Florence in 1940. He now lives in a village in the Sienese countryside.

People: Prof Diego Zancani

Diego Zancani is an Emeritus Professor at Balliol College, University of Oxford and specialises in the history of Italian language and dialects; history of early printing; editing 15th-century...