The Human race.

Video: Tuscan Landscapes

Paolo Gheri paints the landscapes of Tuscany using watercolours. His light, airy paintings were recently exhibited at St Anne's College, University of Oxford.

People: Paolo Gheri

Paolo Gheri was born in Florence in 1940. He now lives in a village in the Sienese countryside.

People: Prof Diego Zancani

Diego Zancani is an Emeritus Professor at Balliol College, University of Oxford and specialises in the history of Italian language and dialects; history of early printing; editing 15th-century...

People: Prof Stephen Brown

EDUCATION PhL, Ph.D., Université de Louvain AM, Franciscan Institute AB, St. Bonaventure University   BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY

Video: Moral Virtue as a Mean and as a Means

Prof Stephen Brown delivers an Oliver Smithies Lecture at Balliol College, University of Oxford titled 'Moral Virtue as a Mean and as a Means', using a pun on the word 'mean' to reference...