The Human race.

Video: A Pianist and Physicist in Conversation

Professor Brian Foster interviews pianist Kotaro Fukuma about his performance for the Stephen Temple Memorial Concert in Balliol College.

Video: The Life and Studies of an Oxford Senior Organ Scholar

Edward Howell, Senior Organ Scholar at Brasenose College, University of Oxford talks to Director of Voices from Oxford, Dr Sung Hee Kim.

People: Revd Dr Bruce Kinsey

Bruce Kinsey trained for the ordained ministry at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford.

Video: Are humans turning into 'social machines'?

Can groups of individuals combine their knowledge to create something greater than the sum of their parts? How do they do it and what processes are at work?

People: Dr Orestis Palermos

In 2002, I joined the National Technical University of Athens in order to study chemical engineering.