The Human race.

Video: Debates and Celebrity Speakers

Stuart Webber, President of the Oxford Union talks with the Director of Voices from Oxford, Dr Sung Hee Kim.

People: Dr Edward Gelles

Edward Gelles was born in Vienna in 1927 and came to England with his parents in 1938. He was educated at the City of Oxford High School and Haberdashers Aske’s School, Hampstead.

Video: The Jewish Journey

Edward Gelles talks about his recent book, The Jewish Journey: a passage through European History.

Video: The Buddha's Wife: The Path of Awakening Together

Janet Surrey, a Psychologist at The Jean Miller Training Institute wrote a novel published in 2015 called The Buddha's Wife with her husband Samuel Shem.

Video: The House of God - Lecture

Samuel Shem (pen name of Stephen Bergman) completed a medical internship at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, USA, after which he wrote 'The House of God' in 1978 in an effort to highlight the lack...