The Human race.

Video: Spelt from Hopkins Leaves

Prof Lesley Higgins from Canada's York University is an expert on the 19th century poet and Jesuit Priest Gerard Manley Hopkins.

People: Naomi Tiley

Naomi is currently the Librarian at Balliol College, University of Oxford. She has worked in three other Ox-bridge college libraries and in public libraries.

Video: Oxford Trobadors Concert

The Oxford Trobadors perform original pieces and songs inspired by the beautiful and haunting traditional medieval music of the Trobadors.

Video: Representing the Ghosts of Shakespear

Naomi Tiley, Librarian at Balliol College, University of Oxford celebrates the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare with a lecture about his connections to Oxford, and...

People: Stuart Webber

Stuart Webber was the President of the Oxford Union during Hilary Term 2016, and took a sabbatical year out from studying English Language and Literature at Somerville College, University of...