The Human race.

Video: Kathy Wilkes, Teleology, and the Explanation of Behaviour

Prof Denis Noble from the University of Oxford delivers a short lecture presentation for the Kathy Wilkes Memorial Conference held in St Hilda's College, University of Oxford in April 2018.

Video: Orchestra MOTIF

University of Oxford Law Student and Founder of Orchestra MOTIF, Shun Hioki, talks with Voices from Oxford's Ian Hodgson.

Video: Oral History of Tibetan Studies

The discipline of Tibetan Studies originated in the 1960s and 1970s. Its name was coined and the first international association established at a 1979 conference in Oxford.

People: Anna Sehnalova and Rachael Griffiths

Anna Sehnalova from Wolfson College, and Rachael Griffiths from St Hilda's College, have created the Oral History of Tibet Project at the University of Oxford.  The Project seeks to interview...

People: Andrew Rattue

Andy has been the Principal of St Clare’s, Oxford since January 2017.