The Human race.

People: Prof Jong-Seong Park

Prof Jong-Seong Park is a Professor in the Department of English Language & Literature at Chungnam National University in South Korea.  He studied for his PhD in the subject at Queen Mary...

Video: The Life and Works of VS Naipaul

The August 2018 death of Nobel Prize winning author VS Naipaul sparked a huge increased interest in his life and works.

Video: Tibet, Oxford & Aung San Suu Kyi

Marie-Laure Aris tells of her life as a young student in Paris, her interest and studies in anthropology and her travels in the Himalayas, where she met her future husband Anthony Aris.

People: Marie-Laure Aris

Marie-Laure Aris studied anthropology in Paris before teaching at University College London.  She is the wife of the late Anthony Aris, and together with his twin brother Michael, and his wife...

People: Shun Hioki

Shun Hioki studied law at Keio University in Japan before moving to Oxford to study for his Masters.  An expert violinist since the age of three, he founded Orchestra MOTIF, with the charitable...