Health, Medicine and the BioSciences

The biological aspect of our interactions.

People: Ms Yuwen Liu

Yuwen Liu is CEO of Biobay, an innovative medical and nano technology company based in Suzhou Industrial Park, China.

Video: Biobay

Yuwen Liu, CEO of Biobay is interviewed by Prof Denis Noble, University of Oxford about the growth of biotechnology companies in Suzhou Industrial Park, China.

Video: Debate with Dawkins - Trailer

Trailer showcasing a debate between Richard Dawkins and Lynn Margulis about the nature of evolution, chaired by Denis Noble.

Video: The Music of Life

The Music of Life: Biology beyond the Genome is the title of Prof Denis Noble's 2006 book on Systems Biology.

Video: Cardiology 3 - Reflections on "Heart and Mind"

Prof David Paterson is Prof of Cardiovascular Physiology and Associate Head of Medical Science at the University of Oxford.