Global Problems and Opportunities

World-Wide issues, events and possibilities

News: Synthesizing various worlds into one

Kim Sung-hee, director of Voice from Oxford (VFO), Oxford University’s Web cast platform, hopes to bring the “interdisciplinary” concept into Korean campuses. The professor lectures using...

Video: Oxford and the top American Universities

Talks on Oxford, top American universities, and the great challenges faced today.

Video: Reeta Chakrabarti

Reeta Chakrabarti talks about her return to Oxford and gives advice to her successors.

Video: Oxford International Vision Strategy

Many universities are thinking more strategically about how they can be more international in our increasingly global society. Oxford is no exception.

People: James Martin

James Martin founded the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford in 2005 to foster and facilitate innovative, interdisciplinary research on the problems, dangers and opportunities of the...