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All financial opinions, events and thoughts;past, present and future. 

Video: Firm Commitment - Part 1

Prof Colin Mayer's Lecture at Said Business School on his book, Firm Commitment:  Why the Corporation is Failing Us and How to Restore Trust in It.

Video for Premium Subscribers: Entrepreneurial Finance

Victor Christou is an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist who began his career at the University of Oxford where his company, Opsys, spun out from in 1997.

Video for Premium Subscribers: Advanced Project Management

This video is the first lecture in Dr Eamonn Molloy’s advanced lecture series in project management.

Video for Premium Subscribers: Engineering Communication

In this series of interviews, a group of experts discuss their tips and advice for science and engineering students on how best to write and edit texts and documents.  Included among the...

Video: Global Economics

In this overarching interview conducted by Prof Denis Noble, Dr Andrew Graham, Master of Balliol College, University of Oxford offers his opinions on a wide variety of events such as the Arab...