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People: Dominic Ziegler

Dominic Ziegler joined The Economist in 1986 as a financial reporter. He went on to become Finance Editor, then Washington Correspondent from 1991-94.

Video: Under the Bonnet of the Euro Crisis

Neil Record, Chairman of Record Currency Management delivers a talk about the ongoing crisis in the Eurozone.

People: Neil Record

Neil Record spent the early part of his career as an economist at the Bank of England.

People: Sung Joo Kim

Sung Joo Kim is a South Korean entrepreneur and businesswoman. Kim is the founder and CEO of Sungjoo Group, and also the chairperson and CEO of MCM Holdings.

Video: Sung Joo Kim on Business Women in Asia

Sung Joo Kim, Chairwoman and CEO of Sungjoo Group and MCM Holdings is interviewed by John Seung Yoon Lee, former President of the Oxford Union and a student at Hertford College, University of...