Samuel Shem
Novelist & Playwright

Samuel Shem, pen name of Stephen Bergman is a novelist, playwright, essayist and activist.  A graduate of Harvard College and Medical School, and Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, he was on the faculty for 35 years.  His novels, The House of God, Fine and Mount Misery have sold over 3 million copies.

Shem has been honored as one of Boston Public Library’s “Literary Lights,” as one of “Boston’s Best Authors,” and as a speaker at the Hemingway Centennial Celebration at the JFK Library. He has received the Vanderbilt University Medal of Merit.

As “Dr. Stephen Bergman”, he has given the commencement address at over fifty medical schools, has spoken around the world on “How to Stay Human in Medicine,” and has published a noted essay, “Fiction as Resistance” (Annals of Internal Medicine 2002).

Shem, in blurbs for his novels, has been referred to as “the comic genius and the holy terror of medicine,” “Rabelaisian,” and “the raucous and insightful physician of the soul.”