Prof Rana Mitter
Director of the University of Oxford China Centre

Prof Rana Mitter is Director of the University of Oxford China Centre, as well as a Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, and a Fellow of St Cross College.  He specialises in Contemporary Chinese nationalism, Republican era Chinese history, The Sino-Japanese War, 1931-1945, and its legacy, and Comparative Cold War social and cultural history.  

He has authored several books on China, including China’s War with Japan,  1937-45: The Struggle for Survival;  Modern China: A Very Short Introduction;  A Bitter Revolution: China’s struggle with the modern world; and The Manchurian Myth: Nationalism, resistance and collaboration in modern China.

As an academic authority on China, Prof Mitter makes regular appearances in the media, and has featured on a variety of TV and radio programmes to discuss his areas of expertise and the rise of modern China.