Prof Denis Noble
Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Voices from Oxford

Denis Noble often appears in the media and has written for national newspapers in the UK and abroad. He directs a large interdisciplinary research team of biologists and mathematicians and is author of The Music of Life, a popular book on systems biology, now translated into seven languages. The musical metaphors in that book reflect his interpretations of the songs of southern France. He founded the Oxford Trobadors who perform these songs to great acclaim.


Denis Noble is a physiologist and systems biologist who discovered electrical mechanisms in the proteins and cells that generate the rhythm of the heart. He constructed the first mathematical model of this process in Nature in 1960. Today, this work has grown into an international project, the Physiome Project, that constructs models of all the organs of the body. He is President of the International Union of Physiological Sciences and is Professor Emeritus at Oxford University. His book, The Music of Life, is the first popular science book on the principles of Systems Biology and has been translated into many languages.


THE MUSIC OF LIFE                          CONCERT LECTURE