Dr Andy Clarke
British Antarctic Survey

Dr Clarke is a retired ecologist, having working principally in the sea and mostly in Polar Regions. His main scientific interest is therelationship between life and temperature.

Andy grew up and was educated in north London, before graduating in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge in 1970. He then joined the British Antarctic Survey and spent two winters as a marine ecologist at South Georgia, working from the old Discovery Investigations laboratory at King Edward Point.  He has spent all of his subsequent professional life in Polar Regions, comprising over 25 summer seasons and two winters south, mostly at South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula, working both from ships and shore stations. Andy has also spent all or part of four summer seasons in the Arctic in Svalbard. 

Andy was Head of Biological Sciences at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge for over ten years, and also chaired the Scientific Steering Group of a large international programme working on the ecology of the Antarctic sea-ice zone for a decade. Although now retired he remains active scientifically and ecologically, and is writing a book on animals and temperature.