About Us

Voices from Oxford is a wide-ranging series of webcasts that brings Oxford University faculty, students, and alumni to people around the world. You will find a selection of the ideas and activities presented in an open and accessible manner.

The webcasts are most often produced as mini-documentaries or as interviews. In contrast to a news channel, the topics do not follow the news agenda, but range across a wide range of issues, based on the topics on the agenda of some of Oxford's famous professors, alumni, students and many distinguished visitors to the University of Oxford.

The inspiration for Voices from Oxford (VOX) came from Alastair Cooke's famous 'Letter from America', broadcast for many years by the BBC. Like that programme, we will take an event, a story, or a person in the global community of Oxford to drive the development of a message of potential interest to people around the world. We hope that the Internet can convey such messages in the 21st century in new and effective ways, even though we can never hope to recreate the magic of Alastair Cooke. So if you want to discover what some notable Oxford people think about the world's economic crisis, about cutting-edge science, music, architecture, philosophy, literature ... just visit the website and see what is new or revisit a favourite webcast.

About VOX

We have produced a short video webcast in which Professor Denis Noble provides a brief introduction to the aims and vision of VOX. We hope you find this introduction and the many webcasts of VOX to be informative as well as entertaining. Thank you for visiting Voices from Oxford.